Gen-L - 6,000L

The Gen-L is a reliable source of fresh, clean drinking water, providing up to 6,000 litres of water from air daily with no infrastructure other than electricity.

Each Gen-L is built as a modular unit, so as water requirements grow, it can be quickly and easily integrated with other units to create drinking water from air production farms.

The Gen-L's inbuilt heat exchanger produces drinking water from 15°C to 20% humidity in various climate conditions. The built-in multi-barrier air filtration system removes micro-particles and organic traces. It adds essential minerals to ensure the high quality of the water generated and maintains freshness and purity regardless of air quality.

Gen-L's plug-and-drink solution is producing drinking water from the air in scores of countries with a diverse range of air quality and the most challenging terrains, providing high-quality drinking water across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and the United States.

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Gen-L saves up to 3,650,000 plastic bottles a year

Gen-L Advantages

The ideal safe, green, off-grid, reliable and energy-efficient solution for all your drinking water needs.

  • High-quality drinking water
    resh drinking water from the air throughout the day
  • Unique and innovative technology
    Produces up to 6,000 litres of drinking water from the air per day
  • Water production
    In a wide range of climate conditions: starts from 15°C and 20% humidity
  • Off-grid solution
    No plumbing or municipal infrastructure is needed
  • Convenience
    Water production is at the point of use, right where you need it
  • Environmentally friendly
    Reduces the need for plastic water bottles, logistics and transportation and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Integrations
    Can integrate with other units to create drinking water from air production farms
  • Standards compliance
    Our water exceeds international drinking water safety standards

Gen-L Applications

Designed for locations without access to clean drinking water or where the current water sources are contaminated or limited.

Gen-L is the ideal solution for rural villages, off-grid settlements, army bases, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, significant mines and construction sites and other decentralised applications.

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Construction Sites

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GENius Technology

We use air as a natural raw material to make top-quality drinking water through our atmospheric extraction technology.

GENius technology is owned and manufactured by Watergen and protected by a patent.

At the heart of Watergen's product line lies the unique, award-winning, patented GENius heat exchange technology. It efficiently enables the air around us to turn into pure, fresh and healthy drinking water.

Watergen's atmospheric water generator technology extracts water from the air and into the patented GENius system in a significantly short time, ensuring greater efficiency and thus using less energy. A unique, energy-efficient heat exchange module uses condensation to produce fresh water. One litre of water costs 7-15 cents, depending on local electricity costs.

GENius technology is a highly scalable and customisable drinking water solution for a wide range of daily quantities configured to any production size. Using Watergen's patented technology, Watergen products can supply premium, fresh, clean drinking water to a home, office or an entire town or village.

Gen-L Specifications

Water generation capacity Up to 6,000 litres a day in ideal condition
Dimensions 2.85m x 2.23m x 2.64m / 112" x 87.8" x 103.95" (Height size considered with legs)
Weight 2,630kg (dry)
Power consumption 400W per litre. Nominal 60KW/H, Peak power up to 90KW/H
Nominal Operation Voltage 3 phase 400/480 VAC/50, 60 Hz
Water purification Multi-step filtration cascade of water-certified filters set, followed by a germicidal UV lamp. Vital minerals balance the water's pH to achieve high purification and tasty drinking water.

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The Mentor Mark Bouris chats with Clean Waters
King Charles III tries water from Genny machine

King Charles III tries water from Genny machine

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  • The machine received a positive recepetion and aligned with King Charles III “Terra Carta” agenda to create a sustainable economic future for the world.